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“Ills of America" is a Powerful Expose of the corruption in our Government including the "pork" added to bills, backroom deals, using national crisis to promote personal agendas and strengthen voter base, the Muslim terrorists and expansion threats, illegal aliens, and many more threats.  Cause and effect of these threats are discussed as well as how to correct them. Reserve your autographed copy via email at  Price  is $15.00 plus shipping. Book store price at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, is several dollars more.


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Writing is a means by which thoughts are conveyed by the use of symbols from an alphabet.  Writing is an excellent technique to express thoughts because it requires the use of our conscious mind to construct the sentence and to organize the progression of ideas.  Our conscious mind has the power of deductive reasoning and can do a yeoman's job of logical organization.  As the speaker must use the language of the listener, the writer must use the language of the reader.  However, the reader has a distinct advantage over the listener.  If there is a word not understood, the reader has time to look it up.    What constitutes good writing?  It is a logical progression of ideas or thoughts expressed in everyday language.  The more colorful the expression, the more interesting it becomes.

The writing of poetry requires not only a logical progression of ideas but also something else.  The "heart" or put in scientific terms, the subconscious mind, needs to be added to the mixture in the form of "inspiration".  So the writing of poetry is the attempt to convey the "feelings" of the writer in language form.  And of course, there are numerous feelings or moods that the poet attempts to transcend.  If the poet is successful, then the reader is moved to those same feelings.

· Other Publications are:


1.   Memoirs of O. G. (Grady) Fuller ~ 2006




Growing up in the post depression years instilled a set of values leading toward a successful and prosperous life: Years where parents were hesitant to exhibit endearment: Years where there were no locked doors with trust for one’s neighbor: Years where nothing was wasted or thrown away and conservation of resources was at its zenith: Years when Jack-of-all-Trades was prevalent in most every household and everyone performed their own repair: Years of no TV, washing machines or dryers, unheated vehicles with no radios or air conditioning: Years where families grew their own vegetables, raised their own animals for food, and devoured the game brought home by the hunter: Years where sons and daughters sought schools of higher learning out of necessity to avoid being trapped in the family business: Years when students went to college expecting to pay their own way rather than relying on support from their parents.


Grady Fuller is a well-rounded individual Jack-of-all-Trades, with extensive education in the sciences, an excellent understanding of electrical and mechanical systems with a well-developed philosophy of life.  He has been a writer all of his life with many publications.    His main hobby is duplicate bridge, having achieved Gold Life Master Level.





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2.  Poetry by Grady Fuller ~ 2006



This book contains a Collage of Poetry written by Grady Fuller over the last few years.  It is assembled and indexed according to subject material; that which is dear and touches the emotional strings of the heart. 


Grady Fuller's poetry will inspire, amuse, entertain, enlighten and stir your emotions.  Some are riveting and will awaken your feelings of love of family, friends and country.  You will shed tears of joy, sadness and adoration for your loved ones and for those making sacrifices for others.


This collection covers a range of human emotions from romance, endearment and encouragement to anniversaries, honor and patriotism.  Many are moving, ranging from gushing to empathy and sad to prideful.  One of his greatest poems is set to music and included as a sub-link to the web page that follows.


The National Library of Poetry has published some of these poems.  Many lovers of poetry use these poems to be included in their greeting cards. 



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3.  “Bridge Strategy II” –2008





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4.   “Saga of Gene Britton” –2007




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