Poetry by Grady Fuller


Partial retirement took place in 1994 at which time he began to write poetry.  His poetry was aimed primarily toward family and friends; the dear ones in his life who offered inspiration to awaken innate artistic ability.  This awakening was a marked one for over the next few years, hundreds of poems were written.  His description was that "it seemed like a lid was lifted off my emotional side and the poetry just busted out"!  "Every time my emotions were touched, my heart led me to describe the feelings in the form of poetry".


Herein is a selection of poetry intending to appeal to all having similar emotional feelings.


Poetry presented in this book will tug your heartstrings or stir your emotions to a higher pitch.  Offered are poems of family, friends and loved ones containing messages endearing to the heart.  Others offer inspiration and encouragement to the sad, disillusioned, and disheartened.  There are poems of romance and endearment to both the sweetheart and the spouse.  


Previously published poems include "Rainy Days", "Missing You", and "La Feminine".  These are poems of serenity, encouragement and adoration, intended to still one's heart and induce a feeling of tranquility.  Being fiercely patriotic, two of his greatest poems were written about the attack of Pearl Harbor, and a World War II German prisoner of war.  These two tributes will stir your emotional bonding to your personal roots.


Click on the poem Memorial Day, containing the music “Tennessee”, from the movie Pearl Harbor.

Your tear glands will readily activate!


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